The TerriAnn Shake Plan A5 Booklet Only



The TerriAnn Shake Off Plan book is an A5 booklet that includes a simple, effective 8 day prep that has been created to maximise your weight loss, minimise your stress and save you money.
Here’s what to expect from the booklet:
  • Delicious hearty meals
  • 1 day a week prep
  • 6 easy to follow recipes
  • 16 Meal Exact shopping list
  • Daily TerriAnn choice
  • Exercise Plan
  • Lose between 6-8lb in 8 days
Enjoy delicious meals – Cottage Pie, Nandos Chicken and Rice, Spicy Tortilla Wraps, Thai Egg Noodle Stir, Spaghetti Carbonara, Lasagne PLUS anything of ‘YOUR CHOICE’ with our amazing ‘CHOICE’ principle.
The booklet also includes a £4.99 voucher code off TerriAnn books!!

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The average loss in just 8 days following this plan is between 6lb to 8lb, so it’s a great kick-start to your weight loss journey or even a great plan to follow to drop a dress size for your holiday or any special event.

I have planned all your meals, plus snacks and I have included all the recipes required so you can prepare your breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole 8 days in just a couple of hours.

The guide also includes a complete shopping list so you can just pop to the shop get your ingredients and start your TerriAnn Shake Off Plan. The secret to successful weight loss is planning and prepping – and my simple Shake Off Plan will help you do just that – as well as save you the time, money and the stress of creating your own meal plan. All the meals are tasty and delicious but with simple, easy to prepare recipes.

I recommend that you cook your meals once a week, so you need to ensure you have 2-3 hours per week spare. Imagine having healthy meals and snacks ready and waiting for  you for 8 days…